Again, online shopping delight


“Dear Romania” is a wonderful line to start a letter, especially since it brings the good news of online shopping from a big retailer acting in Romania – Zara. So I was very happy to receive such a postcard, inviting me to be among the first ones to experience a delightful shopping affair. But it’s quite a while since I’ve kept telling you about online shopping. It is kind of hard to find a new relevant point of view to endorse it. I think it is time to call a friend. Therefore I kindly asked Ioana, my colleague from to share her personal shopping experience on And indeed she pinpointed a very insightful aspect: the purchase decision starts online, even though sometimes one goes to the store to buy the product. Having the e-shop only makes things easier and faster.

Zara shopping experience used to be a mix of online and offline for me. I would first browse their website in order to pick my favorites and then went to the store. The product photos are relevant and they can even give you some good styling suggestions. So far the final confirmation happened in store. Now, the store comes home. My first online shopping experience with Zara scored very well. User friendly browsing, same prices as in store and good returns policy. You can see my personal choices in the photos. No returns needed :-)”

This is Ioana’s version. Can’t wait to hear yours. Go play with the shopping cart! :-)