Bella’s connecting threads

Bella Freud.

You surely know her knitwear sold on and adorned by fashion darlings like Kate Moss or Alexa Chung. But more than that, Bella is a native speaker for all the artistic languages that can smoothly blend and create an inspiring fashion film. As Sabine Durrant from The Guardian best puts it, “she’s the scion of an artistic dynasty”. So it was only natural for me to set in motion for a story with Bella Freud. When meeting her, I fell in love with her attitude and felt uplifted by her talent. All in all, she really has an understated way of illustrating the real meaning of “aristocratic”.

This video springs from a very personal story. When wearing my “Je t’aime Jane” sweater at an informal gathering, a person that I didn’t actually know came to me and started a conversation about Gainsbourg home in Paris and its ever-changing graffiti work. Starting that very moment I had this traveling objective: visit Serge Gainsbourg house in Paris. Of course, besides that, I gained a new and arresting conversation friend. I realized then that there are lots of possible stories weaving from Bella Freud fine merino wool’s threads. Her every design has a message, an idea, a personal happening that can be further built on, depending on the wearer’s encounters. Bella is not giving you a mere fashionable item. She is giving you a loose detail, a keen perception, a wit affair, a key that you can use to further write your own story, to open new perspective by adding your own personal semantics to it.

So, we chose 3 jumpers from Bella Freud collection and made a fashion cut with 3 different stories, outlining Bella’s personal creative trigger with each one of them. Her bits: an unexpected happy confusion, her visual narration of the ’90s heritage and the genuine insightful logo drawn by her well-known artist father, Lucien Freud.

This video makes me very proud! Meeting Bella made me very happy!

24.07.2013 - bella freud