In Love with Magic Cities


For me, Bucharest is the fragrance of tilia flowers on Vatra Luminoasa street, waiting for the “86″ bus together with my mom, at the Universitate square, the basket ball games in the high school yard on Pache Protopopescu Blvd, the Rosetti Square after exams, the one of a kind emotions on Polona street and the relaxing running on Herastrau alleys. I know by heart its strong lights in the summer mornings and the easy sounds of spring evenings. Bucharest is a map of wonderful memories and emotions and that definitely makes it my magic city.  I like to travel to other places, I have lots of favorite other destinations, but there is always only one place to return: Bucharest.

Therefore, I was very happy to represent Bucharest in Noemi’s latest hit from the always wonderful tees’ project. Below you have all the inspiring recommendations for discoveries:

Ana Bucur / Lisabona

Ana Morodan / Bruges

Anca Dinculescu (Molecule-F) / Las Vegas

Cerina Ratiu / Berlin

Cristina Bazavan / New-York

Mirela Bucovicean / Sankt Petersburg

Marius Concita / Londra

Ovidiu Buta / Buenos Aires

Radu Mada / Paris 

Razvan Firea / Los Angeles

Robert Ratiu / San Francisco

Noemi Meilman / Tel-Aviv

Thank you Noemi for the project, Razvan Firea and Marius Concita for the layouts and Ioana Ulmeanu for the photos.

The tshirts can be bought onmolecule-f, Le Petit Indigent studio and The Place X. The price of a tee 299 RON.





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