It’s time for your moments. It’s Hygge time

We all give ourselves in the carousel of daily activities. But it is the personal micro culture of our inner life that leads to many petaled mind blossoms and creativity. Our personal set of objects and people and inspirations and fragments of cozy experiences make the MEMORABLE bits. Therefore, in order to spend some good time, one needs to invest in his moments.

I love this concept of “a personal micro-culture” — as an eloquent way to capture the most defining aspects of ourselves. And the measurement of such coziest moments is best done with the Hygge watches. This I know! In all Scandinavian cultures, “Hygge” is a concept that evokes “coziness”, particularly when relaxing with good friends or loved ones.

Therefore I was very honored when asked to be an ambassador for the Hygge Watches.  And I was very inspired when asked to draw the passion-driven campaign for this watches. I want to thank all my fellow ambassadors for joining me in this memorable, cozy adventure:  Mihai Gurei / Intro, Andreea Macri /, Ioana Dumitrescu/, Ioana si Claudiu / Thank you for sharing your passions, aka your good moments.

Cozy times, everyone!


4.03.2015 -