My very own dictionary of beauty

Beauty products are very personal choices. They are true hints about your genuine likes, acting on a very discreet and personal level. They don’t need the flatulent tricks. They have an honest, intimate dialogue with you and they don’t really care about the others. For example, the only spotlight that your body cream can ever get is a ray of sun reflected on your bathroom shelves, while your new pair of ostentatious pink shoes have a more “mass market” exposure on the streets.
Therefore, your beauty choices are true definitions about yourself. So I wanted to set up my very own dictionary of choices. I chose my products and my words and I asked Ileana from zwei to help me with the illustration of the concept. She came up with the most delicate and revealing styling. Love it!
Andrei Nica helped me with the art direction and with pinpointing the real benefit of this post: ” And now, vickipedia becomes wikipedia” :-)
Pam, pam


8.08.2014 -