NakedPR, the new sessions

We start the new Naked FashionPR series next week, on Tuesday. Teaching proved to be a very fulfilling experience for me, as it came with the confirmation that it strongly involves a gratifying ideas’ balancing.

And I think that it all comes down to this simple exchange sequence: sharing experiences and gaining inspiration. We act in a profession that has creativity at its core. And it’s kind of unproductive to cut it down to a synopsis and sell it as know-how. This profession does not come with mere learning, it comes with the inspiration that makes you follow your own path. Because this profession is not about mere information, but about giving it a meaning.

So if you want to meet with the people who made their own story in the industry, come to our spring courses. Noemi Meilman and myself promise to be the stylish narrators of this fashionable profession :-)


25.03.2015 -