NakedPR. What to expect

I’ve got a call from NakedPR. Smoothly, Adelina and Noemi proposed me one of the teaching position for FashionPR Advanced courses and the only word I could focus my attention was “advanced”. What really means to be “advanced” in PR? I could not give myself a proper, formal definition. First I was tempted to say “no”.

But with an insightful appraisal on this profession I could essentialise this dilemma as follows: a PR deals with accurate information, a good PR deals with sparkling inspiration. NOTE / That’s precisely why the photos to this post are signed by my good friend Andreea Macri, the first person who inspired me in my FashionPR performance.

And that’s how I’ve got a map of this course! I knew that its destination point is to convince people that INSPIRATION is the name of excellence in PR. I know, nobody can teach inspiration, but we all have different perspectives to share. And the candid conversations are those that will ultimately make our work special.

So here you have a few things to expect from this course:

STORIES / Fashion remixes everything that happens into our lives and therefore sets the premises of rich emotional affairs. And such relationships are harnessed with stories. Fashion PR is an ecosystem meant to generate them.

TALENT REMIXED / Fashion PR is not a vendor relationship. A great FashionPR has an eye for all the talents in the industry, brings them together and cheers them to do their best. Don’t think talent can be clutched in standard phrases and press releases. A good FashionPR remixes all these talents so that the message gets to the people

SHARED EXPERIENCES / FashionPR is vocational. Theory needs the context of relevant and insightful experiences. Only this can give us an authentic map of this profession. Don’t look for precise quotes from the books but for shared experience from people!

INTUITION / FashionPR is creatively challenging. Every project has its best possible form that needs to be discovered at its time. Don’t use recipes but nurture your intuition!

Looking forward to meet you on the 21st of October! We all have lots of things to talk and learn!


7.10.2014 -