Stefan Caltia, unseen

One of the most delightful events of the autumn is definitely the upcoming exhibition of Stefan Caltia, which is to take place in Timisoara, between the 3rd of October and the 5th of December. This event came with a great joy in my Inbox, as I received a digital sneak preview of «Gardianul rozelor» – a work never exhibited so far by the artist. The kind request was to write the story inspired by the painting.
That was quite a request, because the work never said a mere story, but released lots of emotional references.
So I said to myself I had to look at it everyday, until my words capture all meanings and align themselves into a real story. Every look I took brought me lots of questions and yet one constant certainty: that of peacefulness. I would always discover a delicate image polished by fine touches and appropriate colors. Its presence in the proximity of my daily routine brought me calmness, yet lots of questions for my imagination. I could feel its energy coming from a garden with fresh air. This I knew! Furthermore, its main character brought me a serene look and lots of other hints. The fertile grey in the background gave me all the space I needed to always image a new and complete architecture for that garden. Sometimes there was a wild crowd of green bushes with small and colorful flowers. Sometimes there were straight alleys, with lots of places to rest and contemplate. And sometimes there were narrow pathways turned upside-down by the small footsteps of loud children. The clear references were always there: the serene look, the colored flowers, the lacy white and the grey in a perfect equilibrium. Afterwards, one could add details of an always-fleeting imagination. Afterwards, one could take the liberty of a new possible scenario for the same state of mind: calmness.

29.09.2014 -