Stella McCartney talks Maleficent

One of the fashion delights today: Stella McCartney’s “Maleficent capsule collection” for kids.

Stella McCartney was definitely a fan of the iconic story of Sleepy Beauty and Maleficent, so when the opportunity presented itself and she was invited by Angelina Jolie to visit the film set, she jumped at the chance.

“I wanted to highlight all of the characters in the film, as Maleficent is so rich in the way that it observes different personality traits. I particularly enjoyed bringing the playful side of the gnomes to life – they are cute, weird and wonderful and I wanted to celebrate that by layering their personality onto a cool sweatshirt”, the designer said. “Disney has a wonderful innocence that I didn’t want to shy away from; in fact I tried to celebrate Princess Aurora’s brilliant girlishness. I worked on a shoe that I have in my own range, called Linda, and I reworked it by adding a sprinkling of glitter. Nothing’s over the top but at the same time the collection doesn’t hide from the delicacy of a little girl’s attraction to a classic Disney Princess”, she added.

The looks are definitely very inspiring. So what’s next? Dress up your child and go to the movies. “Maleficent” is out in the cinemas starting today!


30.05.2014 -