Fun and Fashion

The Mary the merrier

My early interaction with Mary Katrantzou designs was simply by looking at them. They were definitely to be admired. With such of mix of colors and prints one could be easily mesmerized. At first, I had to admit, I was a little bit hesitating when wearing them. The very same vivid thing that caught my eye and made me fall for her designs, also made my choice difficult. There are so many beautiful combinations, which one I like best? And what mix of colors suits me better?

I have to tell you, this is such a wrong route. With Mary’s designs, the algorithm is just like that: pick one, it will suit you just perfect. Her designs are not simply to be seen and eventually chosen. Her designs stand for an entire universe imagined by Mary Katrantzou. You have to access this creative realm and you’ll be part of the story. That’s the real joy of wearing them. Looking good comes additional. :-)

I had the confirmation of this fashion theory when meeting Mary Katrantzou. It happened during the beautiful and cozy event hosted by Net-a-Porter’s president, Alison Loehnis, who pinpointed Mary’s talent to integrate prints even in the most monochrome dressing choices. Wonderful ladies mixing different prints, in different cuts. Each one with a different kind of style story. And then, there was Mary’s wit and funny attitude that bonded all. We talked about designers, fashion, personal stuff and we even learned to play the Mafia :-).

It was fashionably fun. I totally enjoyed it!

Big thank you the the NAP team!