This Friday Morning

My grandma was the one who would secretly allow me to drink coffee when I was really young. Ever since then, my cup of coffee remained a truly indulging and rewarding moment for me. Very often inspiring.

Julius Meinl triggered my coffee memories. This Friday morning I will start my day at La Belle Vie coffee shop. It is one of the many coffee places in Bucharest that celebrates the International Day of Poetry. I will go there, drink a cup of coffee and pay it with a poem. Maybe it will be about my grandma and our secrets.

Razvan Tupa, Deliric and Adi Despot are among those who support the initiative. You can do just the same. Go in every Julius Mienl coffee on Friday and pay your sip with your inspiration. All the addresses involved in the project on the FB page .

Happy Friday Coffee!

19.03.2014 -