Top 5 insights, learnt at Digital Divas

Digital Divas by Avon was a very inspiring event. After having my presentation I had all the time and relaxation to listen to intelligent people, observe young and creative attendants, give an award and realize once again the complicated reactions that the “awards” generate.

Here you have my top 5 insights from this event. Things that appeared as a reference in many presentations, things I simply observed:

1. What you do has to be your passion. You wake up for it and you do it happily. Don’t think of it as a business, but as a medium to share yourself. The business part is a consequence and it comes hand in hand with the job well done. It’s just like your sense of style: the more relaxed you are about it, the more stylish you get.

2. Don’t write about everything. Define your concept and keep the identity of your blog. People must always have a sense of direction when entering your blog.

3. If you want to change something, you have to be different. Sometimes keeping a certain distance from the industry can give you a fresh perspective. I admit, we all want to be cool and know the right people, but sometimes, this can put you in the position when you have to go with the flow.

4. We all show a glorified version of ourselves. We don’t show reality, but ourselves as we want to be seen. So we are all the same, we are editing our lives. But sometimes, an honest, natural “make up” for our experiences can seduce even more.

5. The ones getting more prizes are not necessarily the most popular. The more the prizes, the richer the controversy.

See you next time,



27.06.2013 - Digital Divas