Triangle of Intelligence

I saw it first on Noemi Revnic, when making a short video for (soon to be launched!). I instantly liked the simple black jersey dress, with three small and sparkling details marking that erotic triangle that otherwise imagination can draw on a woman’s body: “the triangle of intelligence”!

Lucky enough, one of our shooting destination that day was the 109 Studio. So I had the chance to discover other pieces in the line. Today, I am the happy owner of a light heather gray sweatshirt that I could wear anytime, anyplace. To be honest, it is becoming one of those “annoying” pieces that you instinctively grab every morning, but what can I say, I can live with that :-)
I really like the new 109 capsule collection because it is minimalist and when tried on you really enjoy a good fitting. And, as described by its authors, the collection has a “clean, honest and accessible image”.

I fairly endorse that!

Enjoy the lookbook


Concept: 109
Model: Nermin Naji
Foto: George Enache
Special thanks to Lucian Varvaroi

The Idle dress