Why Wang? Because H&M

5 to like from the ALEXANDERWANGxHM launch in NYC

  • SPORTS@NIGHT Concept. Alexander Wang succeeded to stay true to his sporty standard and incorporate a contemporary feel that works well for everyone. During the press conference, he honestly admitted “I don’t do any sports” and he joked about the fact that he is not an athlete himself. However he often wears sweat pants and is always seen sporting a track jacket. “I love this idea of when you’re out dancing and running around at night, you sweat. You don’t just sweat when you’re at the gym or playing sports. You need to move, be active.”
  • ARMORY ON THE HUDSON location. The venue itself was an actual track and field competition space, which had been Wang-ified for the presentation. Everything was black — and almost everyone was dressed in black and in leather — and the raised platforms in the middle bore numbers. There was more than one trampoline, which would be used by buff acrobats and parkour performers
  • MISSY ELLIOTT performance, when the audience was pumped with energy. Her classic Get Ur Freak On was a mood alchemist for the public, while her dancers put the clothes on the most dynamic display ever.
  • ALEXANDER WANG dancing on the stage with Miss Elliot. This was a “never to forget” postcard :)
  • THE COLLECTION that both feels like fashion and acts like performing

Stay tune for the video review of our trip to NYC



20.10.2014 -