Balmain for H&M. STYLE STORIES

First you discover the name of the designer and, passionately enough, further study the clothes in the impeccably-prepared runaway setup. Then you search the look book images on the Internet for some more styling inspiration. And finally you try your style mastery in front of your own mirror with your most-coveted pieces.


This would be the classic chronology of discovering the H&M Designer Collection.


But one of the strongest triggers of such a special collection is the personal signature of the designer. Following the same line, it is the personal touch of stylish people that gives it the daily fashion dynamism.


Therefore I am very happy to see 3 fashion duos – Roxana Voloseniuc and Domnica Margescu (Elle), Andrei Iovu and Lil Bulgac (Harpers Bazaar) and Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa (Absolutely Fabulous) – playing with the BALMAIN x H&M collection pieces in order to exercise the semiotics of style. The outcome of such play is again a serious confirmation that style is not about dressing, but expressing yourself.


Stay tuned for future videos depicting their very personal style stories!


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29.10.2015 -