Dress Responsibly

People you’ve met are always a good barometer when ranking the cities you most like. You would often hear “it was nice, the people were nice” in the dialogue depicting the city. And, of course, besides smile, attitude and civilization, clothes are the main contributor for the general impression.

This is why, sometimes, when walking through the Old Town in Bucharest one might get the feeling of a city break in a more fashionable city. I strongly believe in the “dress responsibly” concept! The way we act and the clothes we wear in our daily errands bring a personal touch to the city’s silhouette. My first demo is the movie below.

We made it on the streets of the Old Town and one of the first questions when seeing it was whether it was shot in Bucharest. It is true that the special look of Silvia Popescu, the fine styling of Andreea Macri and the cinematic cut of Andrei Nica had a big contribution.

However, “dress responsibly”!