FlexForm @ Iconic Food Wine and Design

Iconic Food Wine and Design is a place to go every time you need to recharge your creative batteries. A place you can always enjoy an exquisite menu, a healthy beverage and a good and inspiring bite of design. I was very happy to hear about the Flexform event to take place there. A good pretext to visit the place again and take my portion of beautiful things.  I could not get to the launch event, therefore I went yesterday there to get the vibe of “Flexform Ambiance” bearing the signature of Class Living by Camelia Sucu. Furniture items in soft and discreet lines but with a great sense of style and comfort, all displayed in the cozy setup from Iconic Food and Wine Design. Fabrics, lines and colors brought together in pieces that simply said “sophistication”. Pieces that you’d definitely like to take home to decorate your space and you mood as well.
Just take a look!



22.07.2014 - Camelia Sucu, Iconic