Lil and Andrei: Fashion and Fun Moments

There are many ways of reporting from Fashion Week. There is, of course, the “all dressed up to the nines” street style snapshot, the loud-voiced follow up stories about its “craziness” or the consistent with the standard catwalk features.
But beyond these journalistic curtains, it was the personal experience of the showgoer that I really wanted to seize. When asked, most of them admitted to me that they come back with the same line “Well, I really don’t wanna come back next season”. But when the next FW event is approaching, the pulses really get racing and, next thing, they are on a plane to a fashion city. Somehow, this is an experience that consumes oneself, but inspires to the same extent. Crowded places, showoff characters, picturesque items, hand-written invitations, creative fashion happenings, fairy tale windows. They are all well put together and mixed up in your perceptions like in a “magician hat”. And then, the result is definitely unexpected and wow-grabbing.
So I asked Andrei and Lil from Harper’s Bazaar to play a fashionable “hide and seek” on the streets of Milan, during last Fashion Week. I think we succeeded in capturing the shift of various moments. And here you have them on the professional stage when they immerse in the live fashion information, as well as in the informal team flashes meant to refill the energy level with a cup of good cappuccino or visually charming exhibitions.
Of course, there is a fully illustrated follow up to their professional adventure. Its name is BAZAAR Collections.