Mihai Gurei, owner Intro Design and music aficionado

My style is ever changing.
I can’t really put a tag on it

“How do you dress for your city?” is the name of a new campaign that I am now launching on the event of vickipedia’s new look. Basically, it is a question that I want to address to cool people that breath the urban vibe and have the consciousness of their look. They know that their presence, with each and every detail – including clothes, passions, bicycles, cigarettes, opinions and so on – can bring a fine touch to the silhouette of the city they live in. I have neither lessons to teach, nor verdicts to announce. Just a glance at the universe of some people I like.

My first “fellow citizen” is Mihai Gurei who is a native speaker for both music and design. And these influences turned into a rich conversation. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Andreea Macri who followed us with her creative photographic lens and Andrei Nica who made wonders with the video footage.

Credits / Mihai Gurei outfit: Stussy Cap, Albam shirt, Wickham House bow tie, Lucio Vanotti jacket, Folk belt, COS pants, Tricker’s shoes