Net-a-Porter dinner in Bucharest

Having the chance to organize an intimate Net-a-Porter dinner in Bucharest was the dearest professional compliment. My all time goal has been to bring fashion and creativity to the same table and this was the most sophisticated and generous opportunity to do it.

Yes, it was about elegant looks, refined table arrangements and personalized movie presentation. But underneath all this glamorous layers there were some common sense confirmations:

- quality is more effective than numbers

- allowing yourself to present an original interpretation, directed by your eyes and perceptions is always a good option

- close friends make work fun

Therefore I am very grateful to my friend Andreea Macri for discreet insights and fashionable photos displayed at the venue, Dhaniel Nora and Roxana Bllinder for enhancing the event atmosphere with their exquisite taste in flower arrangements and a smooth and creative collaboration, Nicolai Tand for an impeccable menu and an always reliable approach, to my to sister Dana Constantinescu for capturing this delicate snapshots right before the event and to Alexandra Diaconu for paying attention to details that we usually remember only when it’s too late.

A big “thank you” to all the wonderful ladies attending who actually made this evening glorious and to the NAP people who gave me the opportunity of such a fulfilling project. Describing all this work with poetry lines is indeed the nicest professional compliment.

Hope you stay tuned for the short movie depicting the mood of the evening!







29.05.2014 -