Take a seat!

You could easily take it home with you because we are talking about pocket-sized chairs. But you will actually leave them there, for everybody to admire, as we are really talking about the “100 Miniatures Collection”, with miniature replicas of milestones in furniture design.

This collection was initiated by the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein and is now coming to Bucharest, thanks to Intro and Techo. A summary of the history of industrial furniture design – moving from historicism and art nouveau to the new objectivity of Bauhaus and radical design, and from postmodernism all the way up until the present day – the collection has grown to include more than 100 pieces. The chairs are all one sixth of the size of the historical originals. They are all true to scale and replicate the originals right down to the smallest details in construction, material and colour.

I intend to go to the exhibition with my kids, because the toy-sized chairs are a good trigger to introduce them in a culture and design populated environment. The exhibition is to take place on the occasion of the new Carturesti store on Calea Floreasca, no. 246B. It can be visited between 22th of October and 5th of November.





12.10.2013 - intro design