Ten from Vogue Festival 2014

Vogue Festival is not only about fashion. It is about talks, outfits, tweets, crayons, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pin boards, fashion wit, careers paths and people that put you in a special mood. A mere description of the event, no matter how accurate, would be far from reaching the same inspiring result. Vogue Festival, like many other festivals, is not giving you strategies, success secrets and lessons. It simply comes with the confirmation that common sense always prevails. Here are 10 wit sayings with a great chance to trigger your creativity, imagination or will. My personal favorites are no. 7, no. 9 and no. 10!


1. Our language today is visual / Katie Hillier


2. We cannot be all the time in the crazy vortex of fashion. Taking some time for ourselves makes us better designers / Proenza Schouler


3. A great extent of my work as a designer is making sense of our world / Phoebe Philo


4. Be interested in the industry and its breadth – it’s surprising how many people are not / Louise Wilson


5. Modeling is a business, not a lifestyle / Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


6. My Facebook is done by my team; twitter by me and my team; Instagram only by me. I am not very strategic about it. I just keep it very varied / Mary Katrantzou


7. Photography and IPhone should not be competitive. When writing, nobody asks you what pen you use / Nick Knight


8. Look at situations, people, brands, stores, the media, clothes…You never know where your next idea will come from – it won’t necessarily come from your mobile phone / Daniel Marks


9. Niceness is terrifically underrated / Lisa Armstrong


10. Good manners will get you a long way / Alexandra Schulman



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