The Eames at the Ark

It was the Eames elephant that got me introduced into the Eames design family. With a fun-loving approach, I started a strong and actually reliable friendship with their products. I find “The Wire Chair” one of the most spectacular products. Made entirely of chrome-pleated steel wire, it is a tribute to lightness and transparency. Its rounded and soft forms contradict the linear and cold, graphic design of the metal mesh. Actually, it is somehow a synthesis for the entire Eames philosophy, based on a mix between such cultural opposites: engineering and art, hard and soft, shiny and dull, technology and everyday life.

For me, Charles and Ray Eames stand for complementary paths that lead to whole, round, perfect results. Some of them, you can admire at the retrospective exhibition “Eames by Vitra”, between 27th of September – 14th of October, at the Ark (#150, Uranus Street). Enjoy!

EAMES_The Wire Chair