The way she is, SHE’s MERCEDES

I don’t know exactly how, but somehow I’ve always been aware of my feminine energy. Sometimes it was just the passion for that perfect dress that made everything else an afterthought. Or simply paying attention to the other and offering a warm smile for further confidence. I admit, sometimes it was that long, whimsical discussion about details that have no relevance whatsoever and yes, maybe even some tears of disappointment too easily shown.

Women have their way and, on that way, they are always driven by strong emotions. Because it is them that make the experience unique and personal.

When things are personal, people relate to them easily and find honest motivation. And a true successful woman is one that has both delicate gestures and strong actions. But moreover it is the one who knows how to translate her genuine emotions and warmth into an original and relevant narration about the feminine league.

This is why I was so interested in the “Shes Mercedes” campaign. It is a community where women can share their own perspectives about success, talk about challenges, spread ideas, talent and genuine elegance. My online routes are often heading towards SHE’s MERCEDES community where I discover inspiring video essays on femininity. It is a place where ideas are balanced and stories are shared at various speeds. Inspiration is behind the wheel!

Especially since every such sparkling biography is shared while driving a special car such as Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. With very elegant design lines, this car is the best expression for a smooth and inspirational journey, towards destinations that have success written on them. You can always enjoy a virtual ride here: Mercedes cars.

I truly believe in this fruitful dialogue. Therefore, it is with great joy that I invite you to watch my next video, depicting the paths of Ioana Ciolacu’s success.

Stay tuned, drive safely and be inspired!

15.05.2017 - cars, Mercedes, She's Mercedes, women